Recruitment Agency Preferred Supplier List (PSL)

Why partner with MD网爆门?

At MD网爆门, we believe in fostering strong partnerships with reputable agencies to ensure the highest quality talent acquisition and service delivery.

By joining our recruitment agency Preferred Supplier List (PSL), you gain access to opportunities and become an integral part of our talent acquisition strategy.

Benefits of joining our PSL

  1. Access to Exclusive agency requirements: As a member of our PSL, you'll have access to our portal where you will have access to selected roles across the group.
  2. Priority Consideration: Agencies on our PSL receive priority consideration for agency specific vacancies, allowing you to swiftly connect with qualified candidates for specialist roles.
  3. Streamlined Processes: We value efficiency and effectiveness. Being part of our PSL means you'll benefit from streamlined communication and transparent processes throughout the recruitment lifecycle.
  4. Long-term Partnerships: We are committed to building long-term relationships with our partners. Joining our PSL creates future collaboration and growth opportunities.
  5. PSL applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.听

Recruitment Agencies sending unsolicited CVs

We receive considerable attention and inquiries from recruitment agencies. While we value your interest in assisting our business, we're unable to respond to every agency.

We maintain a select list of preferred agencies, and do not accept unsolicited CVs.

Persistent unsolicited approaches may influence our consideration for future collaboration with your agency.

Register your Interest

Register your interest to join MD网爆门 Preferred Supplier List, follow the button below to complete an application form;